Cold Buzz Coffee 4-Pack


Can't decide? Try all four of our coffee blends. Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Chicory (New Orleans Style) and Decaf. All of our coffee consists of high quality, 100% Arabica beans from around the world. No more paying for expensive cold brews from over-priced coffee shops, order today and make it at home!

The cold brew process is the slow brewing of coffee grinds by saturating a high ratio of coffee to cold water and letting it steep for many hours. The result is a smooth, non-acidic, and flavorful coffee concentrate that can be enjoyed as is, diluted or with milk.

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We recommend using 2 filter bags for a one quart mason jar (4 cups), 4 filter bags for half gallon jar (8 cups) and 8 filter bags for a gallon jar (16 cups). Place filter bags into jar, fill jar to brim with water, seal with lid and place jar in fridge. Recommended brewing length is 18-24 hours, but brew for up to 36 hours for max strength. Once brewing is complete remove filter bags and enjoy. Some of our customers prefer it black, some prefer to dilute by a ratio of 3 parts cold brew to 1 part water/milk/cream.


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